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Cable Car

by on Oct.21, 2004, under Happenings

The car is inspected and repaired now. A weld gave way on the front end of the first catalytic converter, which has been corrected… by welding. Not bad, considering. Ridge Road east of 233 has now been added to the Escort’s blacklist (‘locked out of the dialing program’ in SG-1 parlance).

Chris has Kuhn cable internet now. I helped him set up his firewall tonight. Pretty fast. Might just have to move into the neighborhood to get me some fast ‘net…

Axim’s tasklist is now at 30. Really need a way to graph that…

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Interim Update 25

by on Oct.20, 2004, under Happenings

The car’s in for scheduled inspection, and hopefully to remedy the exhaust leak resulting from Sunday’s trip that Doug had mentioned. Fall Break wasn’t very breakish as those days ended up filled with work instead of school. Watching Stargate, trying to knock off tasks on the Axim, etc. Looking into some graduate programs… rather disappointed that Ship has neither masters programs in Physics nor Math. Unfortunately, regardless of the degree, it’s probably more valuable for the resume than the learning. PSU’s programs are all out of State College of course, which isn’t really desirable. Oh well, plodding along for now.

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(Still) Nothing Happening Here

by on Oct.11, 2004, under Happenings

Yep, not much. Chris and I did some walking on Friday and Saturday. Tried some nifty long-exposure-time pictures on the camera. I still haven’t gotten any good fall foliage pics yet.

School’s a pain. My math and film classes certainly top both CS classes in amount of interest.

Got the passwords moved to the Axim finally. Using it’s TODO capability a good bit. Of course, the volume of incomplete tasks is a bit depressing.

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Nothing happening here.

by on Oct.03, 2004, under Happenings

Well, not much. The family went to Chincoteague/Assateague, VA from last Saturday to Tuesday. I went to CTI on Friday to work with Doug on phone switch changes (nothing new there, really). Chris bought a barebone system and I was helping him with that on Saturday. We also walked around a bit in the mountain today… not nearly as warm as it has been recently. Nice, clear views of the valley though.

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