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Some Water

by on Sep.19, 2004, under Happenings

We had a thrilling evening on Friday… watching the radar tracking of a possible tornado heading in our direction. Public service frequencies were reporting damage in the area of Oakville, not far away, but that seems to have been the closest. On Saturday, water was the problem. By the afternoon, you wouldn’t be getting to my place by Mountain Road (its bridge was flooded up to the ‘yeild’ signs), Quigley Road (it was flooded… never had seen that before), 696 (it was flooded beside its bridge) or 641 (the water was deck-level, and was flowing across the road next to the bridge). As of Sunday morning, however, all routes were again passable. No real problems here as a result. Playing movies on the new handheld helped to keep me occupied ;).

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1 visited, 1 found, 1 missing

by on Sep.12, 2004, under Technology

On Saturday, Chris and I visited and photographed the coax hut I found last week. Driving around afterward, trying to cover the area indicated by plotting an area between three and four miles from the last hut, we found another one near Fannettsburg. There’s still a gap in the area though, but it could be one or two huts, depending on the actual cable path. So far, no luck, but perhaps more expeditions later this week or next.

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Just keep blathering…

by on Sep.10, 2004, under News, Politics

CBS is incredible. Having word-wraps the same as MSWord would have been enough for some serious eyebrow-raising, but having fonts, automagic superscripts (of a reduced size), and identical spacing makes it just about irrefutable. What’s worse is Rather defending it. Ignore the politics for a moment, just look at the document samples. A third-grader could have helped you make a better forgery.

Clippy image blindly stolen from this site. Thanks!

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Laboring a bit on Labor Day Weekend

by on Sep.06, 2004, under Happenings, Hiking, Technology

Getting some stuff done this labor day, or trying to. Washed and vacuumed the car, swapped out the radio for the one from Chris’s car (now I have a working tape deck, woo!), put a tarp over part of the treehouse’s roof (need to put another one there, too), and so forth. This wasn’t all I did though. We had a breakfast picnic for Katelyn’s birthday on Sunday morning (she’ll be 16…) and today I went hiking on the Tuscarora Trail near Cowan’s Gap state park. The view from the overlook was rather dismal, given that it was all fog/cloud, no vista. It did rain a bit on me on the return trip. I took a different route home… and guess what was along the side of the road? No, not a rattlesnake. A coax repeater hut! In a forested area near state forest land! An expedition will be planned shortly, I’m sure.

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