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Busy Thanksgiving

by on Nov.28, 2004, under Happenings

Ship was kind enough to allow us three days off for Thanksgiving. Wednesday, I went to Ship to work all day. Thursday, I wrote the majority of my Arch AI paper before going to the Turkey-day festivities in the evening at my grandparents. Friday, I went to CTI to get some work in there, getting Chinese w/ Doug (first time in awhile). Unfortunately, my car had a little incident while at work. So, Saturday I called H+H, they said the collision center was open 10-2, I show up at 10:30 and they’re not open. So I go home, finish my AI paper, get some mortgage papers together, but not in time to mail them. Today, I wrote up my paper for eXtreme Programming, played some UT, took a walk, and am updating my blog. The school year just can’t end soon enough.

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by on Nov.19, 2004, under Happenings

The AI test went well, the abstract algebra not as well. And now for the paper writing… by now and the end of the semester I have at least 22 pages of stuff to write. Should have started that a long time ago? You betcha. Talking with Ian about this over lunch was disturbing… looks like I need to get things moving tomorrow.

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House Stuff

by on Nov.17, 2004, under Happenings

I’ve been trying to avoid talking about, and thinking about, house stuff due to the tentative nature of the situation. However, it’s getting less tentative and more certain :). My loan application has gotten the initial approval, and I have some of the standard paperwork signed. I was at the place today, cleaning out the gutters and looking around, trying to get a feel for what goes where. I love planning that out… especially when it comes to running more wiring. But, I don’t have a real timeline for acquisition, much less transition, so things like that still feel distant.

Other than that, I helped Chris get a blog-app set up on his new domain, Ship had a power outage in the MCT this morning to install a 150-amp 480-volt breaker in preparation for the massive 80kW Symmetra PX, which is now sitting on the steel plate on the floor (that is, it hasn’t yet fallen through ;).

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ACMs & Evolution 2.0

by on Nov.14, 2004, under Happenings, Linux

The Mid-Atlantic ACM Regionals are now over. Looks like our team isn’t going on this year (you can see the whole results here). My teammates were complaining that problem ambiguity was partially to blame, but I’m not sure how that would be, given that all teams had the same set of problems.

I have Oak and Cedar upgraded to FC3 as well, now. NFSv4 is feeling happier regarding permissions mappings, however the particular reason I avoided NFSv4 in the past seems to still be present… Gnumeric locks up on saving a file to an NFSv4 share. I’ve worked around this by mounting that particular share with NFSv3 and everthing else with v4. Evolution also is a lot faster in FC3, however it is also uglier. I’m not a big fan of the Mac-like folder interface that leaves out the lines between folders that I’m so fond of.

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From the what-planet-have-you-been-on department

by on Nov.07, 2004, under Happenings

Looks like Kevin has a blog now. I didn’t know that.

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