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2014 Read List

by on Jan.02, 2015, under Happenings

What did I read in 2014?

Not as much as I should have.  I have a lot of books on the queue, and just didn’t spend a lot of time reading this past year.

The Three Investigator’s (read these from the library as a kid; building my own collection now and re-reading them as I get them):


  • The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic (ad)
    • Levin presents some interesting ideas on constitutional amendments, many in support of providing for additional checks and balances in the system.
  • One Second After (ad)
    • Forstchen provides an account of how a small town is affected by an EMP attack on the United States.  While I’m hopeful that the situation would not be as bad as the author supposes, it is a compelling story about how we would react to having most of our technology suddenly stripped away.
  • Lila: An Inquiry into Morals (ad)
    • Interesting, but to me seemed to end without concluding much useful.
  • The Martian: A Novel (ad)
    • The best book I read this year.  Take the premise of Apollo 13 – bad stuff happens, and lots of problems need to be thought out and worked around to stay alive and get home.  The book fully embraces the technical aspects of things, and reminds me a lot of a Michael Crichton novel.
    • (ad)


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