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TH8581GA Hardware Specs

on Apr.29, 2013, under Computers, Linux

The generic double-DIN Android head unit I purchased is a TH8581GA.  Sometimes branded as an Ouku, the unit appears to be a close cousin to the Ca-Fi 621000.


Platform Freescale MX53
CPU ARM Cortex-A8 (ARMv7 rev5); 1GHz
RAM 512MB; 334 MB available to Linux
Storage Onboard 7.39 GiB (per Linux; mmcblk0)
Front Panel MicroSD slot (mmc1)
Display and Input WVGA (800×480) 6.2″ display
Resistive touch screen
USB Rear panel, USB Type A receptacle, corded, host port.
Front panel, USB Mini-B receptacle, OTG port.
Rear A/V 3x RCA – AUX In (Left, Right, Composite Video)
2x RCA – Rear Monitors (Composite Video)
1x RCA – Rear Camera (Composite Video)
5x RCA – Line Out (FR, FL, RR, RL, Sub)
DIN – IPod connector
Power, Signal, and Speaker
2x CanBus (Tx/Rx)
8x Speaker (Front R/L +/-, Rear R/L +/-)
1x Parking break
1x Reverse
1x Ground
1x Battery +
1x Accessory Power
1x Illumination
1x Amplifier Signal input
1x Auto radio Antenna
2x Steering Wheel Control
Antenna 1x Motorola antenna (for AM/FM radio)
1x DVB antenna (for TV tuner)
1x SMA? antenna (for GPS receiver)

Notes and observations

Bluetooth:  The radio does have built-in Bluetooth, but it is not managed by Android.  Pairing with the radio allows for interacting with the Phone application on the radio (handsfree), as well as passing through A2DP audio.  However, it is not possible to use the built-in Bluetooth for pairing with other devices through Android, such as a OBDII bridge.

Booting:  The radio takes about 40 seconds from power-on to Android, another 10 seconds before the internal and external storage is mounted, and in my case, about 10 more seconds for the on-boot apps to finish loading.  The radio does not appear to have much of a concept of sleep – when power is removed, the radio is off and requires a reboot.  I have noticed in my install that if I power off the vehicle and immediately put it into accessory mode, the radio display will go dark, and come back in several seconds without a reboot.  I’m not sure of the exact scenario, but I suspect this is more of my vehicle maintaining accessory power for a short while, as opposed to the radio sleeping.

Sensors:  I’m used to android devices (e.g., phones) being loaded with an excessive number of awesome sensors, such as compasses, accelerometers, orientation, etc.  Unfortunately, this device does not have any of that.  So much for having an artificial horizon in my car.  It does, however, have an integrated GPS receiver with external antenna (provided).

Other Info:  Internal Pictures

Coming up soon… Installation.



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