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TM-D710A Transmit Inhibit

on Apr.06, 2010, under Radio

I did recently get a TM-D710A and have been playing around with it.  I have found one missing feature that would be nice, and a workaround for it.  Suppose you want to add an amateur frequency as a memory channel for listening/scanning purposes only, but don’t want to ever accidentally transmit on that channel.  I think it would make sense to have a flag that could be set on a per-channel basis to inhibit transmission on that channel, but unfortunately there is not.  I have come up with a viable workaround though.  It is possible to configure a memory channel as “split” – with a receive frequency and a separate transmit frequency.  It is required that both frequencies be on the same band… though I’m not sure why – this would be a useful feature as well, so that one does not need to tie up both sides of the radio for half-duplex cross-band applications.  Anyway, it is possible to configure the transmit frequency to be within the same band and still outside of the portion of the band which the radio can transmit on.  This results in a beep and no transmission when PTT is pressed – which would be exactly the desired behavior of a transmit inhibit flag.

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