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We favor unreasonably huge subsidies to the brain slug planet?

on Nov.08, 2006, under Politics

No, probably not. Congress will likely not be able to get much done in its newly elected configuration. And, really, there’s nothing wrong with that at the moment. It’s not as if either party is interested in what I would like anyway… term limits, bans on consecutive terms, balanced budget requirements, reduced size of government… I really just don’t want to hear Nancy Pelosi’s voice (or what she has to say), but at the same time, at least we won’t have to see Dennis Hastert as often (ouch, sorry).

As far as local races, I would have preferred Casey to have gone against Specter instead of Santorum for one of PA’s seats in the US senate. Casey isn’t bad necessarily, but I did like Santorum far better. And of course our great governor was re-elected. Rendell does seem to be able to cut some fat in the budget (just not on himself… ouch, sorry, again), but I detest his vast expansion of gambling in the state, as well as his shady ties to our good fiend Comcast. Not that we needed a former football player running the state either…

Overall, it’s not great, not good, but not terrible. I reject the maxim that “change is good” as there are clearly counterexamples. However, there’s nothing wrong with variety. Two years of a Democrat-controlled Congress after several years of Republican control should make for a healthy competition in 2008.

Vote Libertarian!

End Political Rant.

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