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on Jul.30, 2004, under Computers, Networking

Now that’s what you call a non-trivial pile of Cisco! The 3550s (qty: 45) are all for ResNET. The 2950s (qty: 70) are all for campus. The whole order is meant to facilitate deployment of “Campus Manager” (someone’s proprietary software on their black-box linux machine) throughout campus. Somehow this is all supposed to get done before the start of the semester, despite the fact that Campus Manager hasn’t arrived yet.

Ship isn’t the only thing doing replacements. I purchased a 3361 off of eBay to replace my 3360 that has the squeeze-hard-to-make-display-visible and the characters-are-inverted-or-something issues. Moving my account to the new phone was relatively painless… call in, they tell you to turn old phone off, power on new phone (that’s already AT&T-ified) and dial a special (probably one-time) number. Just about instant.

Lastly, Doug forwarded me an e-mail from Dennis saying that the Kodak DX-7630 6.1 MPixel camera was on insane sale at Office Max. Although $250 for a $400 camera is a great deal, the Office Max experience was a bit of a pain. First, it was in-store only. Carlisle didn’t have any in stock. Their default warehouse (queried thru a Unisys amber-CRT terminal) had none either. Their raincheck system (a web browser based thing in the back of the store) wouldn’t work either. But, the manager used the Unisys again and is getting one shipped to me from Denver. I just hope it can do landscape shots as well as Doug’s can.

LAN party tomorrow… getting ready.

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