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on Jul.11, 2004, under Computers

In preparation of Doug‘s upcoming LAN party I’ve had to order some parts for computer upgrades. I’m currently running a GeForce 2 MX 400 (64 MB) which is a few generations behind the times, and it started showing its discontent for UT2k3 at last year’s LAN party. Since there is a UT2k4 out this year, I’m clearly doomed. So, I ordered a GeForce 4 TI 4200 (128 MB), a step back from Ian‘s 4600, but should still prove acceptable. Also… realizing that UT2k4 needs something like 5 GB of drive space, I had to do something about the 30 GB drive in Pine. I considered augmenting it with the 10 GB in my FreeBSD/Solaris x86 test box, but that seemed pretty horrible. Trying to run the game off of the network looked equally grim. So… back to pricewatch it was, and a new 80GB SATA drive should be headed my way. Pine should be happy.

Of course, Pine isn’t the only thing complaining. Oak is a bit underpowered when it comes to things like, say, transferring files at 200Mbits/sec, or compiling NetMRG. So, much to Pine’s chagrin, parts were ordered to make Oak almost as powerful. I am pretty ticked that I had to pay more for RAM than last year… and it’s even not as good of RAM. So, 7 independent orders later (worst case of order fragmentation I’ve ever had) things should be fine…

Well, sorry to bore you with that, but I spent far too much time on this today to not devote an entire blog to it 😉

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