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Laptops… which one?

on May.16, 2004, under Computers

Yes, I’m laptop shopping. Sorry to annoy all of you with that, but it might be awhile yet before I shut up about it.
I’ve been looking at various IBMs… the T30, T40, X31, and R50 to name a few. I’m not sure that my brand loyalty
is justifiable (my 600e was back to IBM twice for motherboard-related repairs under warranty, and then I replaced
the LCD and keyboard myself after the warranty had expired), but I do like the style, color, and ruggedness of the
Thinkpad laptops. Ebay keeps them expensive though. A new HP or Dell on Ebay might fetch around half of list price,
but not so with Thinkpads. I’ve also looked a bit at the HP zt3000 series (mainly since Doug has one). Ebay has also
introduced me to the Dell Latitude D600, which is about equivalently spec’d as a T40, yet up to twice as cheap. The
search goes on. Hearing lawn tractor commercials featuring cheaper prices than those of the R50 I was considering
has perspectivized things a bit… don’t want to go crazy here.

No, the new site isn’t here yet. I’ve been using Bluefish to code some demos, as luckily it is aware of the available
CSS attributes (I certainly am not). Maybe I’ll just steal a site like some people 😉

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