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A Political Link

by on Oct.22, 2008, under Politics, SciFi

If you can put aside your predispositions for a second, give this article a chance. It agrees with my view of a portion of the “mortgage crisis” – the view that news coverage is apt to preface with “the McCain campaign says” while it reports Obama’s talking points as “news.”

And the “editors note” doesn’t do justice to the uniqueness of Orson Scott Card. This guy is a prolific SciFi writer – I’m reading the third book in his Ender series right now. He holds many positions that don’t fit comfortably at all into our two party system.

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Two better reviews

by on Apr.07, 2008, under SciFi

After the tirade on Ark of Truth, I figured I should make up for it with some good reviews. The season premier for Battlestar Galactica was decent. And a Netflix suggestion that ended up being pretty good was The Island which was sortof a combination of Logan’s Run updated with the look and feel of Minority Report. Not spectacular, but I’d watch it again.

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Ark of Truth

by on Mar.26, 2008, under SciFi

I wasn’t impressed with the SG1 franchise’s first direct-to-DVD endeavor. I would say The Ark of Truth easily makes the bottom third of SG1 two-parters. Instead of ratcheting up quality or plot, everything became more extreme and intense. Mitchell’s lines were more O’Neill-like than ever. Mitchell and the IOA guy were both acting way over-the-top, in a bad way. There was some of the good in SG1 as well, in that some of the issues they had on the ship were of the “let’s rethink this” variety instead of the standard Trek plot of “our first idea is great and has no problems whatsoever.” But really…

  • Double-sided Asguard crystals? I’m pretty sure they’d come with a double-sided crystal reader.
  • First Contact ripoff? Let’s beam back to the ship because the Repliborg are here, but leave the away team unsupported on the surface because they have the important work to do. And let’s have replicators assimilate people instead of just building them.
  • Why did we spend minutes watching Teal’c walk across the Rockies? I mean, he doesn’t have much else to do, but it still seems unnecessary.

The utter destruction of the Ori makes it worthwhile, provided they don’t spend the next movie focusing on the political reconstruction of the ex-Ori universe like they did with the Jaffa. Seriously, I wouldn’t put it past them.

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Ender’s Game

by on Sep.25, 2006, under SciFi

Patrick had often spoke of how Ender’s Game was one of his favorite books, and when Chris mentioned he had recently read it, I jumped at the opportunity to borrow it. It’s a quick read and definitely worth it. It does make one wonder how much gifted young children are capable of in a suitable environment, especially in the context of how our society continues to extend childhood–pretty much through college. There’s also enough moral ambiguity to keep one second-guessing the choices made by the characters. Although I know that a movie interpretation wouldn’t be able to give the book justice (the kids will have to be too old to master the dialog, and the amount of full-action large-area zero-G sequences would be staggering), I still look forward to the possibility.

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