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Brute-Force WoL

by on Mar.21, 2009, under Linux

For some time now, wake-on-LAN has not been working on my home server PC.  I had been using WoL to wake the machine via a cron job on my firewall before I got home from work, and also to power the machine on remotely if I needed to get a file or such.  I had guessed a kernel change was to blame, but several updates since have not resolved, and my search for related bugs only turned up advice that didn’t work.  So, I threw in an Intel e1000 and cabled it up (using the on-board for most purposes, as the e1000 is only PCI), and WoL “just works” with the e1000.  FWIW, the on-board is an Nvidia MCP55.  Problem solved… or at least worked around.

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Bicycling Lessons

by on Mar.07, 2009, under Outdoors

A few things I learned today. None of this is surprising, but there’s nothing like first-hand experience.

  1. When on a bike ride, and considering a path that involves walking the bike on a thorny trail, over a fallen tree over a stream, and up a 15ft steep bank with guard-rail at the top, do not ignore your suspicion that the thorns will be bad for your tires.
  2. Riding a bike with a flat tire is not sustainable, and will quickly cause the tire to come off the rim.
  3. Pushing a bike with a tire that is not on the rim will eventually lead to the inner tube coming out, which will get stuck in things and make the bike non-pushable.
  4. Despite Chris Barner’s insistence, generally, you can’t union two bikes together into a tandem bike.
  5. Biking with a chest cold is tiring.
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