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Now I can play DVDs

by on Jun.29, 2005, under Linux

Since Oak has never had a DVD drive, and likely never will, I haven’t been able to play DVDs using MythTV. Unlike TV cards, MythTV has no means of sharing DVD drives between machines. Using GNBD (thanks to its inclusion in FC4) has given me the ability. GNBD works perfectly as advertised, however since the means of reading CSS keys from DVDs is apparently odd (ie, it generates errors), that part would not complete. For some reason, running mplayer on the machine with the DVD drive caches the data (apparently) allowing the remote mplayer to then play without difficulty. I demonstrated the process last night, and I scripted it tonight… ready to watch DVDs now! I had been going through Nemesis-decompression-scene withdrawal.

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by on Jun.19, 2005, under Networking

I’ve added the first WAN link to the thtech network: 802.11g to Chris‘s house. We used garden hose as conduit for about 250’ of CAT5e from my shed to the WAP. The WAP was mounted on a pole inside of a tupperware container. Ethernet handled the distance fine, but a trivial POE implementation arrived at by splicing the power adapter that came with the WAP into the CAT5 didn’t work. There was too much resistance on the line for the 5v power to overcome. So, we tried stepping up to 12v with a DC-DC converter on the other end. This would result in the WAP partially powering up, but continually rebooting. I figured that this was due to the WAP drawing too much power when it tried to power up the radio. I purchased a higher capacity DC-DC converter at WalMart, and all has been well. We’re currently getting 600 KB/s, but earlier tests had us at about 1.1MB/s. We’ll have to do some antenna tweaking to try to remedy that.

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Kuhn and Intel

by on Jun.13, 2005, under Networking

UPSes are great things. During the storm today in the Shippensburg area, my house lost power. When I got home from work an hour later, the UPSes were still running fine, but the Internet connection was down. When power returned, all was well, so it would seem that Kuhn has either no or insufficient backup power for its equipment… great.

In other news, Intel seems to be pretty good about warranty returns. Despite the fact that they don’t accept RMA requests online (only by fax or mail), they have acknowledged my RMA request by mail, and receipt of the broken NIC, almost instantly by e-mail. My replacement NIC is now on its way.

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by on Jun.05, 2005, under Happenings

No overly interesting things, just a bunch of little stuff. The job situation is still pending, but I think there has been some positive movement in both areas.

I’m looking for a new GPS, currently leaning towards the Garmin GPSMAP 76S. My old GPS currently gets signal too weak to be useful (most of the time no satellites). It might be possible to fix that (maybe a broken antenna lead, or something), but that would involve breaking into the gasketed case, which might limit its portable use in the future. Things haven’t changed substantially since my brief search last summer. I’ve had to keep my walks limited to less adventerous excursions, but the GPS might still have to wait behind an air conditioner and freezer in the purchase queue.

And Lannic ’05 is this Saturday. I gave the firering a test by throwing a minor picnic for the family this evening, and all went well. Now I need to get the high-speed NetMRG configured, and get the rest of the logistics taken care of. Should be a blast though.

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