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House and My Naven

by on Jan.31, 2005, under Computers, Happenings

Things are still coming along with the house… filling nail holes in trim in preparation of varnishing, buying paint, and picking out new light fixtures. I hope to terminate the room-side of the new wiring this week.

Chris‘s computer, My Naven, is akin to the Bermuda Triangle. For instance, tonight I spent over an hour trying to figure out why it wouldn’t output any sound in Linux. The driver was present, and seemed to be normal in all aspects, except for the fact that it produced no noise. I’m planning on trying another sound card in it… This isn’t the first instance either. Things just tend to be unhappy, and My Naven has changed hardware a number of times.

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Working at the House, Part I

by on Jan.16, 2005, under Happenings

I’ve spent my evenings (and Saturday) this past week working at my house. So far, I’ve been removing shelving, screws, and nails, patching holes, running wire, cleaning up, and the like. Chris and my dad have helped some, and Doug got to take a look at my progress today.

In other news, school has gotten off to a pretty smooth start. My class load is less than last semester and I have submitted my graduation application.

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House Purchase Complete

by on Jan.08, 2005, under Happenings

After signing and initialing a bunch of papers, the house is now mine! Now it’s time to run wires! It will likely be awhile until I move in, with work and school and the like slowing my progress on the pre-move tasks, but it is coming. I still can’t really believe it, but I am starting to say “my house” instead of “the house.”

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by on Jan.06, 2005, under Happenings

I’ve spent most of my free time (that is, evenings) this week working on touching up the paint on the ageing site. I’m fairly pleased with the changes, not that IE handles them all gracefully. There’s also an RSS Feed for news items from the site, which should be handy for those that care, since the site isn’t updated often enough to warrant being in someone’s daily or weekly (or even monthly) website check list.

Other than that, school starts on Monday, and I still need to schedule a class… fun.

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Good Christmas… and the new year is upon us

by on Jan.02, 2005, under Happenings

Well, I hope you and yours had a good Christmas as well. We just finished ours with my mother’s family last night, in fact. One complaint: Mom didn’t make egg nog this year.

Other than that, the settlement for the house is scheduled for this Friday. I was over there yesterday and the day before doing some sweeping, removing screws, and poking around. I’m building a firewall for the place, which is draining my stockpile of hardware (but that’s a good thing, right?). I’m trying WBEL3 on it. And school will be starting again before you know it.

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