TreehouseTechnologies LAN Picnic / June 2004

Prewiring ethernet cables... I had to make a number of new cables for the event, as my collection from LAN Parties are all too long for the purpose.

Another view of preparations from the night before the picnic.

The WAP was setup on the deck, providing ample coverage to the picnic area about 300 feet away.

Doug is the first to arrive, with Thor and the new Argo.

Ian arrives next, and he and Doug soon begin setting things up to exploit their early arrival.

An interim state of the server farm: My-Pancreas, Thor, Pepper, and two others I'm not very familiar with are visible.

Chris and Ian might be doing some "work," but the rest seem to be having a good time. Not quite sure what Mike is doing...

Lindsay was pretty impressed that the interface counters rolled over twice on his box... on the same screen.

One of the things we normally try at LAN events is short-interval graphing. It was very successful this year, with 15-second interval graphing using NetMRG. Here are some graphs:






Willow (WAP)